Châlucet welcomes school pupils for a Medieval civilisation and architecture learning experience. Two themes are explored during these educational visits.

Exploration of Medieval civilisation and architecture

Topics covered:
Medieval architecture (château, Jeannette tower, chapel, village) & Medieval civilisation(co-lord rule, the Viscount’s war, the Hundred Years’ war, wars of religion, kings of France, Géraud de Maulmont, life in the Middle Ages)

Exploration of landscapes and natural habitats in the Limousin region

Topics covered: External geology, land use, landscapes (Valleys of the Briance, the Ligoure and the Gabi and the two confluences, rocky promontories, the evolution of landscapes from the Middle Ages to the present) & Local environment, colonisation of the environment, distribution of living beings, the role of water in the environment (Ligoure Forest Park: the trees, forest management and fauna)

Practical information

Each educational visit lasts 2 hours.

€4 per pupil

travel costs can be met by the Département for schools in Haute-Vienne

For visits:
call or make an appointment by email

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For visits, please make an appointment by email

travel expense administration

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